Dodong and Dita Mercado's Silver Wedding Anniversary 2005

The Preparation

The imported surgeon from Louisiana showing off his skill.

A complicated exploratory laparotomy.

With the help of the OR nurses and a medical technologist ready to type and cross-match, the surgery was a success and the patient turned into a lechon.

The surgeon, perhaps a little disappointed, discussed the case with another surgeon from Tagbilaran, Bohol. The Boholano surgeon simply said: "It was delicious!" Apparently, he got most of the crispy skin.

What do you think? They really do look like they are constipated. Don't they? Indeed they are. That's why they need fibers, and they are fighting to get enough fibers.

This anesthesiologist from Loraine, Ohio, looks like he is signaling that he needs to intubate someone. But the other physicians that are sitting already passed gas.

When someone from Bohol discussed something with someone from Camotes, it's time to relax.

The dance instructor(DI) is imported from Danao. Nobody messed with him. He always carries with him a 45 Magnum made in Danao.