The Cruise to Alaska

Alaska, The Beautiful
A musician, blind for years, recovered his sight after a successful operation. Asked what thrilled him the most after his sight had been restored, he answered: "The discovery of beauty! I used to think of music as the voice of God. Now I have discovered His smile."

It is said that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." But the natural beauty of Alaska is so striking, it has its own way of beholding everyone. It is God's creation untouched by human hand. It is unique, it has silence; it is vast, it has balance. Within its great beauty is also a great danger. When you lose in its vastness, your body will be frozen forever.

Gabriela Mistral said, "Love beauty; it is the shadow of God on the universe."

Thanks to Dr. Tanny Aranas, who went with the cruise to Alaska after the 2001 CIM alumni reunion in Las Vegas, we have some of those God's shadows here in our website. Here they are:

Dr. Tanny Aranas with the HUBBARD GLACIER on the background.

Dr. Tanny Aranas with the Mendenhall Mountain on the background. She is really having fun. Atagirl, Tanny.

Is it the cold? Or they just want to pose like nature lovers. It's our El Presidente with Tanny in Skagway, Alaska.